I Dream of Microwaves

I Dream of Microwaves

No, I literally had a dream that I had a microwave last night.

Something you encounter when you’re living alone is the following question: How on earth do I feed myself?

1) Have your mom come over and bring you snacks. Very generic things such as cereal, milk, bananas…you know, survival foods. Also, have her take you out to lunch/dinner whenever the opportunity arises.

2) Order things you can take home. If you’re like me, you eat like a bird. Or rather, you fill up on chips and queso and don’t eat your actual food when it comes. Order something that’s easy to take home and easy to reheat! If you don’t have a microwave, you can use your oven or the stove. It will take a few tries to get the right temperature and not burn your hand.

3) All those companies that send you food in a box. I can’t even afford Blue Apron, but if I could, I would use it. They don’t have an option for one-person meals (come on, that’s discriminatory against all the single people), but if you select the option for two people, you’ll always have leftovers. I found a company called graze, which will send you yummy snacks for a really good price.

4) If you sleep really late, like REALLY late… You could potentially only have to worry about yourself buying dinner. That would save you a lot of money! Of course, this can really only be done on the weekends.

5) But on a more serious note, two things that add up very quickly: coffee and alcohol. If you can find someone to buy these things for you, do it. Tell them it’s your birthday or something. If you can’t do that, try to have these things on hand at home. I can easily spend $8 on coffee every day if I get one in the morning and one in the afternoon. That’s money I could be spending on the parking garage at school. Going out also costs a lot of money, so instead, buy a Shiner variety pack and have some friends over.

6) Work at a restaurant. I worked at a restaurant for all of 2015. Not only was there bottomless coffee to be had, but they would make you food. And it was good food. You’ll also probably get an employee discount which will come in very handy.

In all honesty, if I ever figure out how to feed myself…I will let you know.


I Spend My Nights With David Duchovny

I Spend My Nights With David Duchovny

One of the great things about having your parents in the same city is being able to enlist their help with home improvement. This past weekend, they broke out the power tools and moved my TV from its place on an empty box to the wall. So now, not only can I watch TV from my bed which is really dangerous, but I can also watch the X Files until the wee hours of the morning, which at some point will probably give me nightmares. But I find the show strangely soothing.

Not only is my TV on the wall, but they replaced my shower head as well, with a BRAND NEW ONE that is taller than I am. It’s amazing. I don’t have to limbo to wash my hair. I’m basically living in the playboy mansion.

My mom bought me some nice little cube shelves that I’ve put in the space between the kitchen and my bedroom. They’re housing some excess coffee mugs and some decorations, such as the little monster I painted at Cafe Monet. We also got two blue chairs for the patio, so I can now fit a grand total of three people out there!

I only have one box left, and it currently houses my shin guards, punching gloves, etc. I need to find a creative way to display those, so I can instill fear in anyone that walks in.

One thing I’ve quickly learned about living here is how imperative it is to keep everything organized, and clean. I could get away with being messy a whole lot more when I was living in a one bedroom back in 2015. When you live in a studio, you see EVERYTHING from everywhere. You see the bathroom and bedroom and living room from the kitchen. You see the kitchen and living room from your bedroom. And since you haven’t gotten around to buying a second trash can yet, you have one tiny trash can, and have to take out the trash every other day because you DON’T want roaches. Or any bugs.

I’ve spent the past year or two getting rid of a lot of things I don’t need, so there isn’t a whole lot of clutter in my 415 square foot home…meaning I can see everything I need to clean. 🙂 And although I’m living as a bachelorette, I do have many housewifely qualities-I love to bake, I can sew, and I really like to clean. I find it very therapeutic…and isn’t that what starting over is all about?

Here are two articles I’ve found about living in a small space:

This guy’s place is about 40 square feet.

Here is an interesting article about fictional New York City apartments, and how they’re becoming more realistic.

I’m Taller Than the Shower

I’m Taller Than the Shower

I believe in Feng-Shui, and the idea of “out with the old, in with the new.” I believe in changing what you can in order to make yourself happier. So about a month ago, I decided to leave a 3000+ square foot house and move into a 415 square foot studio apartment. Not sure if the square footage from the patio is included. It probably is.

I had a lot of mixed feelings. I talked to my mom, my friends, and made a pros and cons list. But after a long and difficult summer, I decided to go on a gut feeling. The house was really nice; the roommates were really nice; and I couldn’t see the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom from one spot on the futon. I had originally moved out of my one-bedroom apartment to be closer to school. But the place I found was out in suburbia, which meant it slowly sucked my soul. It slowly sucked my soul, and after a certain point it reminded of a break-up. Sitting in my room day after day, with nowhere to walk to except a giant strip mall, started to get to me. So I left, and downsized to be back in civilization. There are two coffee shops within two blocks of my complex.

I moved in two days ago. I chose to live on the third floor, because there are a bunch of really tall trees in the courtyard and it feels like I’m living in a tree house. I don’t have too many more boxes to unpack, but I’m beginning to wonder about things like where I’m going to put all of my coffee mugs, since I’m already out of room in the kitchen. All of my appliances are fun-sized, so I kind of feel like a giant. There’s a light that doesn’t work, a drawer that’s broken, a broken screen door, and a warped door outside. I’m also taller than the shower head, which I don’t really understand since I’m only 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″. I can’t shut the closet door because there are clothes in the way, and I don’t ever shut the bathroom door completely because I’m claustrophobic. I had to teach myself how to fix a toilet today. But I love it. And I’m really into this Harry Potter marathon on my new Google Fiber TV.

My goal with this new fortress of mine is to make it into a place I want to be. A place that I look forward to coming home to every day. I’ll decorate with some Christmas lights and some plants. I’ll buy some incense and do some aromatherapy. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to not be home, and this is going to be my adventure in learning how to like it.