It probably would have been wise to spend some extra money on things for my apartment instead of two pairs of leggings today. But Express was having a sale, and I REALLY need some leggings.

Every since I can remember, I’ve been very interested in other people’s interior decorating. In middle school and high school, whenever I was at a friend’s house that was aesthetically pleasing, I always imagined my life in it. When I still get on Pinterest, I have a board dedicated to all the qualities I want in my dream house. I always have a more realistic one called Apartment, for things that might actually be achievable.

I thought it might be cool to take pictures of my friends’ apartments that are also small, see how they decorated, and if I could do anything similar. Sometimes I know what I want things to look like in my mind, but it’s hard to translate that into real life. So I can literally list what qualities another apartment has that are within reach, and what qualities are not.

As luck would have it, I’m cat sitting for a friend this weekend. She moved into a swanky new studio apartment in the spring. I wish it was mine, maybe minus the inevitable drunken residents that shout through the hallways and from the rooftops. It has a very nice rooftop too.

Things I already have:

White walls.

Things I don’t have, and can’t have:

Really tall ceilings. Cool concrete floor. A pet.

Things I don’t have, but might be within reach:

Window blinds that actually work. Perhaps I might be able to rearrange the items on my built-in desk and get a nice wine rack as pictured above. A nice art piece, as cool as my poster of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in a tattoo parlor is…A COLOR SCHEME. This apartment has mostly neutral colors…black, white, gray. It goes together. Even her closet matches that color scheme. Mine on the other hand is a hot mess.

I suppose this could be a good project for the holidays. I can never quite get my spaces to be just how I want them. The dresser I ordered has been sitting in my mom’s living room for way too long, because apparently it’s about 100 pounds, and getting that up the stairs all by myself won’t be super easy. But we’ll start there.



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