I have a problem you guys. It’s been plaguing me for a few days now, and it’s very serious…

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I need a chest of drawers. Like not the four stackable drawers that I bought from the Container Store right before I went to college (the first time). I mean a regal IKEA dresser or something.


This little baby runs at about $200. I’m not sure what that will be with shipping. There’s also the option of buying something used, which I would like to do, except there’s the problem of getting it up three flights of stairs. If I get the dresser from IKEA, it will come in pieces, and be easier to get up said stairs. But either way, I’ll need to have it shipped to my mom’s house and then put it in my car, which wouldn’t be a problem if I’d actually taken that giant box of stuff to Goodwill WHEN I MOVED.

I found a used one in south Austin for $180. Should I either pay less for a used dresser that I need to take up the stairs, or pay more for a new dresser that I need to assemble but wouldn’t have to lug up the stairs in one piece.

And then I also discovered the “Wardrobe” section of IKEA.


This buddy is cheaper at $129! I lived with one about that size back in my dorm days. But whether it’s a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, I want to use it to clear space in my closet. I could use it to store my T-shirts, pajamas, and finally put all of my fighting gear somewhere other than a box.

Now by this point we know there’s not a whole lot of room in my apartment. The place I want it to go is by my bed, where I currently have a trunk that I need to get rid of. There are also things IN the trunk that I need to get rid of. But again, I have to get that box out of my car first. This is just too much!

Now, the walls in my apartment are an off-white. The carpet in my bedroom area is beige. At first I was thinking about getting a white dresser and just leaving it white because I thought that would look the cleanest. But then I saw things like this:


In fact, there are apparently 22 ways to give a dresser a makeover. So now I’m rethinking my plan, and might just venture out to find some wallpaper this weekend.


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