No, I literally had a dream that I had a microwave last night.

Something you encounter when you’re living alone is the following question: How on earth do I feed myself?

1) Have your mom come over and bring you snacks. Very generic things such as cereal, milk, bananas…you know, survival foods. Also, have her take you out to lunch/dinner whenever the opportunity arises.

2) Order things you can take home. If you’re like me, you eat like a bird. Or rather, you fill up on chips and queso and don’t eat your actual food when it comes. Order something that’s easy to take home and easy to reheat! If you don’t have a microwave, you can use your oven or the stove. It will take a few tries to get the right temperature and not burn your hand.

3) All those companies that send you food in a box. I can’t even afford Blue Apron, but if I could, I would use it. They don’t have an option for one-person meals (come on, that’s discriminatory against all the single people), but if you select the option for two people, you’ll always have leftovers. I found a company called graze, which will send you yummy snacks for a really good price.

4) If you sleep really late, like REALLY late… You could potentially only have to worry about yourself buying dinner. That would save you a lot of money! Of course, this can really only be done on the weekends.

5) But on a more serious note, two things that add up very quickly: coffee and alcohol. If you can find someone to buy these things for you, do it. Tell them it’s your birthday or something. If you can’t do that, try to have these things on hand at home. I can easily spend $8 on coffee every day if I get one in the morning and one in the afternoon. That’s money I could be spending on the parking garage at school. Going out also costs a lot of money, so instead, buy a Shiner variety pack and have some friends over.

6) Work at a restaurant. I worked at a restaurant for all of 2015. Not only was there bottomless coffee to be had, but they would make you food. And it was good food. You’ll also probably get an employee discount which will come in very handy.

In all honesty, if I ever figure out how to feed myself…I will let you know.


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