I believe in Feng-Shui, and the idea of “out with the old, in with the new.” I believe in changing what you can in order to make yourself happier. So about a month ago, I decided to leave a 3000+ square foot house and move into a 415 square foot studio apartment. Not sure if the square footage from the patio is included. It probably is.

I had a lot of mixed feelings. I talked to my mom, my friends, and made a pros and cons list. But after a long and difficult summer, I decided to go on a gut feeling. The house was really nice; the roommates were really nice; and I couldn’t see the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom from one spot on the futon. I had originally moved out of my one-bedroom apartment to be closer to school. But the place I found was out in suburbia, which meant it slowly sucked my soul. It slowly sucked my soul, and after a certain point it reminded of a break-up. Sitting in my room day after day, with nowhere to walk to except a giant strip mall, started to get to me. So I left, and downsized to be back in civilization. There are two coffee shops within two blocks of my complex.

I moved in two days ago. I chose to live on the third floor, because there are a bunch of really tall trees in the courtyard and it feels like I’m living in a tree house. I don’t have too many more boxes to unpack, but I’m beginning to wonder about things like where I’m going to put all of my coffee mugs, since I’m already out of room in the kitchen. All of my appliances are fun-sized, so I kind of feel like a giant. There’s a light that doesn’t work, a drawer that’s broken, a broken screen door, and a warped door outside. I’m also taller than the shower head, which I don’t really understand since I’m only 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″. I can’t shut the closet door because there are clothes in the way, and I don’t ever shut the bathroom door completely because I’m claustrophobic. I had to teach myself how to fix a toilet today. But I love it. And I’m really into this Harry Potter marathon on my new Google Fiber TV.

My goal with this new fortress of mine is to make it into a place I want to be. A place that I look forward to coming home to every day. I’ll decorate with some Christmas lights and some plants. I’ll buy some incense and do some aromatherapy. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to not be home, and this is going to be my adventure in learning how to like it.



3 thoughts on “I’m Taller Than the Shower

  1. Brigeda- I love this SO much! I can honestly say that I have been thinking about living on my own next in a smaller apartment(with my dog though of course) and I found this so inspiring! I am excited to see where life takes you via this blog and I wish you the best. I’m not sure if I could handle living in a studio apartment but more props to you! It’s adorable and so trendy. Also very impressive that you taught yourself how to fix a toilet.. Can’t wait to read what you post next!


    1. Glad you like it! I was nervous about the size too, but when I got all of my stuff inside it seemed bigger. 🙂 All you really need is a place to sleep!


  2. Brigeda, I really like this blog! I’ve definitely been in your same shoes having to downsize because I wanted my own place and I wanted to love being there. The first apartment I had on this journey was 3 years ago and it was 450 square feet apartment, but it was a one bedroom one bath and I definitely had to think of some creative ways to organize and display things, which was a challenge but I really had fun with it. I look forward to following your blog and getting updates on things. let me know if you need any help with anything, I’ve been at it for a while!


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